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2017.06.30 The Grand Prize of the 35th Incheon Commerce and Industry awards in Intellectual Property Management Sejong Pharmatech has received the Grand Prize of the 35th Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards in part of Intellectual Property Management. They celebrated their 132nd anniversary of the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was held in Songdo Central Park Hotel Diamond Hall on June 29, 2017.  We always focus on the development of technology to secure both development and stability of our products in the competitive market. our application development that can be based on convergence is diverse and can go beyond the various regulations and technical barriers required in the market. Sejong Pharmatech has a large number of patents and bases on our own technology. As a leader of the pharmaceutical industry, we have been devoted to constructing and protecting the intellectual property that is more in-depth and valuable and we will keep more striving to be ahead of our competitors through this opportunity. thank you so much.   more +
2017.05.19 The 7th Export Company Town Hall Meeting - Small and Medium Business Administration Sejong Pharmatech attended Incheon city export company event dated on 18th May. We had a briefing with the Head of Small and Medium Business Administration. we all including 13 panels discussed the difficulties as export companies and shared their suggestions.  Sejong Pharmatech presented 10 cases of success stories of overseas markets before over 300 audiences.. The 7th Export Company Town Hall Meeting was held as a regular event for the management of export companies under the Small and Medium Business Administration. the opinions and discussions of the practitioners were operated as a strategic plan to strengthen the international competitiveness through the capacity development of the export companies. Thirteen panel attendees, including Sejong Pharmatech and CEOs of seven major export companies, as well as small and medium-sized exporters, attended the event. more +
2017.05.10 Interpack 2017 From May 04, 2017 to May 10, 2017, the Interpack 2017 exhibition was held at the Messe exhibition hall in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Interpack has been running every three years. this exhibition had the record that exhibitors and visitors are more than twice as much as exhibition 2014.  The 18-hole exhibition space, which is built on a site of about 260,000 square meters, is not easy to see through the three-hole hall every day. The Interpack exhibition is a worldwide exposition of the packaging industry, covering the pharmaceutical, food, bakery, packaging, distribution, printing, chemical, appliance and utilities industries. It is a very diverse and complex exhibition, and its size and installation can be called a comprehensive collection of industrial trends around the world. This year, it was also a center for many companies to develop various technologies, materials, applications, consulting, manufacturing, distribution and sales.  This year, visitors and observers are expected to update their participation records with high participation. The exhibition of METPACK 2017 in the vicinity of Essen was held and a lot of visitors gathered in the city of Düsseldorf. We exhibited seven items. Tablet Presser products P320D, P420S, P580D automated line, M200 speed mixer, fluid bed dryer D100E, capsule filling machine F180, capsule weight checker iW180. These products were used for powder tableting, capsule filling and capsule weight measurement. There was a lot of difficulty in running a product demonstration in a space environment. I would like to say greetings and suggestions from our dealers and customers who visited our booth.   We will do our best to become a successful exhibition with plans and preparations for Korea Pack 2018 and ACHEMA 2018 next year. more +


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